Directives (preliminary)

General Directives


June 29th - July 01st 2017


Sporthalle Ruit, Justinus-Kerner-Weg 44

Organizing committee

TB Ruit 1894 e.V.


Thorsten Scheibler, th.scheibler (a) trampolin-tbruit (dot) de


Registration will only be possible online on our website An entry form will be available end of January 2017. Registration deadline is May, 22nd 2017.
A maximum number of 160 athletes each day will be allowed to register. Athletes registered after the maximum number is reached will be placed on a waiting queue.

Entry Fee

20€ per participant (basis competition 12€ per participant)
The payment of the costs should be requested via bank transfer to the 26th May 2017. Each participating member federation is kindly requested to integrate the payment’s purpose as follows:
  Trampolinabteilung TB Ruit
  Volksbank Esslingen
  IBAN: DE77 6119 0110 0271 5400 01
  Usage: Filder Pokal 2017 <Club/Nation>
Any bank transfer fees must be paid for. No refund will be made for cancellations after May 6th: the full amount must be paid nevertheless.


The participating delegations have to send one FIG licensed judge; delegations with more than 8 participants have to send two judges. The basis competition will allow national licenses as well.
Federations that don't oblige by the established rules relating to the disposability of judges will be penalized with the payment of 60€ per participant (Basis competition 24€ per participant) of the delegation for each missing judge. The non-payment of the penalization will implicate the non-participation in the event of the respective competitors.
All judges indicated by the respective federations to the organization will have to be present at the respective judges meeting. All judges will get free food an beverage.
Note: Transport, accommodation and meals of each delegation judges are in responsibility of respective delegation.


During competition we offer a comprehensive selection of food and drinks.

Event Format

Eight (8) finalists (6 finalists if 7 – 8 participants, 4 finalists if 5 – 6 participants, 3 finalists if 3 – 4 participants in category). Finals will start from zero. Tie-breaking rules as per FIG Code of Points. In competition there will be no “one- touch” instead every category becomes 20 minutes of warming up.


Participation is at own risk. The insurance is the responsibility of the individual participants or their clubs. The Filder Pokal organizing committee cannot be held responsible for accidents, theft or loss of money, goods or other property or persons. The FIG technical regulations foresee that all participating federations are responsible for making their own arrangements to have the necessary valid insurance coverage against illness, accidents and for repatriation for all the members of their delegation.

Apparatus supplier

EUROTRAMP Ultimate Trampolines with 4x4 mm beds plus safety mats all around them.

Provisional schedule

Friday: 19.00–21.00: Training
Saturday: 09.00–16.00: Preliminaries Elite competitions
Saturday: 16.00-19.30: Finals and award ceremony Elite competitions
Saturday: 20.30: Banquette and Party
Sunday: 09.00–15.30: Preliminaries Basis competitions
Sunday: 15.30-18.30: Finals and award ceremony Basis competitions
Notes: Coaches will be held responsible for the behavior of their participants during the training, competition and party.

Further Information

All news and up-to-date information can be find on our website, on Facebook, on Twitter and via newsletter. Please feel free to contact the organizing committee (info (a) filder-pokal (dot) de) to include your contact information (primarily mail address) into our newsletter.